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Much is planned for the future of vehicles including awesome post-apocalyptic graphics, but for now only basic functionality is implemented to test gameplay. All modes of transport are now included; road vehicles, trains, aircraft and ships. However, these vehicles are mostly prototypes and in need of thorough testing to determine more appropriate stats. Although current graphics are bare bones, the code is fully implemented to support all cargoes and loading states for all applicable vehicles. All I need is sprites to fill the gaps, and people to playtest the current vehicles to improve them. Below is an outline of the different vehicle types and the basic outline of what's already implemented and what's planned for the future.

Road Vehicles

Currently (as of 0.3.0) Wasteland includes a full complement of nearly 150 road vehicles spanning over 150 years of gameplay. They are split into 3 classes: low, mid, and high. Low class vehicles are cheap, bare bones alternatives to the higher-end vehicles, mostly comprised of parts scavenged in the wasteland. While not ideal, they are enough to get your network rolling, and are probably the only practical choice early on. Even later in the game their low cost and low capacity can make them an ideal choice for feeder systems.

Mid class vehicles offer a balance between 'cheap and low capacity' and 'top-of-the-line and very expensive'. When low class vehicles won't cut it and you can't afford (or don't need) the best, mid class vehicles are a good compromise. More expensive doesn't always equal better...

High class vehicles are the best of the best. When the routes are crowded and the profits are soaring, buying the best is a must...but you're going to pay for it. Extra-large capacity, excellent speed, and expensive cutting-edge tech, high class vehicles offer the most money can buy.

There are five main types of vehicle, each with their own unique cargoes they can haul (with the exception of a few that cross over): - Buses, obviously these carry Passengers and also Wastelanders - Reefers, these carry refridgerated goods, namely Clean Food and Irradiated Food - Flatbeds, exclusively carry Building Materials, but also share Seeds and Scrap Metal with Hopper vehicles - Tankers, obviously these carry liquids like Water and Oil - and Hoppers, which carry the widest variety of cargoes; Gravel, Iron Ore, Minerals, Seeds, and Scrap Metal Each type of vehicle is present in every class, however only mid and high classes have articulated vehicles and road trains. These vehicles offer greatly increased capacity but are generally slower as a result.