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Projects In Development


An extremely ambitious newgrf project that aims to entirely re-create the (Open)TTD world into a post-apocalyptic setting. Gameplay centers on rebuilding towns from the smoldering ruins by transporting the necessary cargos to get civilization back on track.

This project is still very much a work in progress, however most of the gameplay elements are complete. To see what's done so far, and to get an overview of the plans, click here.

WSF Ferry Set

The Washington State Ferries Set includes ferries used on the Puget Sound from the mid-1800's up to present day. Although this set is far from finished, I've released playable grf's along each step of the way, so it is technically released (not yet on Bananas though).

For more information on the ships currently available, what's planned for the future, and more, click here.

American Bridge Replacement Set

American Bridge Replacement Set is a work-in-progress bridge set built from scratch as an alternative to the Total Bridge Renewal Set. Click here for more info.