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Other Stuff

Anything that doesn't really fit into the other categories; minor grfs, unfinished projects, random ideas, etc., goes here.

Neon Grid World

An attempt at transforming the TTD world into a basic grid style. I've only worked on this a little here and there, but it's still an idea that I find interesting, and hope to do more with. The simplistic drawing style makes graphics a snap, and I think it offers a unique style of gameplay.

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Space Transportation Replacement Set (STRS)

OpenTTD in space! Mainly just an idea for now, not much work was ever done other than some test graphics, but I still like the idea and hope to do more with it some day.

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Another fun project originally meant as a proof-of-concept to make "working" conveyor belts in OpenTTD by (ab)using palette animations. It is fully working, including vehicles (crates) to go with it.

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