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Neon Grid World

Neon Grid World is a very basic NewGRF I created as an attempt at transforming OpenTTD into a sort of....Neon Grid. It doesn't do anything other than change the terrain and a few other sprites to look like a glowing outline of what they should be, but nonetheless it looks pretty interesting and is something that could have potential. In particular, one idea I've had rolling around in my head for a while as a result of this set is something I refer to as a light-train; a vehicle that starts to "blur" as it travels faster. I have yet to sit down and actually pencil out the code and draw the sprites necessary to make it happen, but I think such a Tron-like vehicle action has the potential to look really cool if done right.

In any case the files are still locked away on my computer (hopefully soon to be stored here online) ready to be reactivated in the event I regain the motivation to attempt it.