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Released/Complete NewGRFs

American Road Replacement Set (ARRS)

A complete road replacement set based on the road design used in the United States of America. Designed specifically to be used with the OpenGFX base set, including full support for OpenGFX+ Landscape. Version 2 of ARRS also now includes dirt/sett roads.

This set is complete, and available for download on Bananas. For more information, click here.

There is also an ARRS version of the Total Bridge Renewal Set available, as well as an incomplete set of eyecandy NewObjects.


NightGFX is a night-time version of the OpenGFX base graphic set. It's done in 32bpp to try and give a more realistic night-time feel than previous attempts. This set is complete and released on Bananas, with some ongoing work improving lighting effects.

For more info, click here.


RattRoads is an NRT (NotRoadTypes) NewGRF which provides 6 different roadtypes available with several options for customization.

For more info, click here.